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Goodbye, self-maintained blogging software. Hello, Tumblr!

wall of text inc: I’m in a good mood today, holidays and all, so perhaps it’s simple serendipity that some omg h4x0r kids found that one of a million WordPress vulnerabilities and posted a lolpost on my blog. Not a frequent blogger, I still wrote blogging software for myself (PHP, baby!), but that was lame, and made me realize that I like to use a pretty UI for posting stuff on my blog. So I got MovableType, but srsly, Perl? Not very customizable (it is a write-it-and-forget-it language after all). So against all the red flags and against the gut feeling that “hey, even a script kiddie can get thru this”, I migrated my posts to a WordPress installation. Well, that didn’t end so hot.So, why move to a hosted blogging solution? Because it’s someone else’s job to maintain it. Tumblr had some downtime recently, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and check’em out. And hey, the free themes are cute!

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